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We, The Thaneesha Consultancy, Nagpur, Proprietor Mangesh Fender, glad to introduce the commercial web site of Bawane Kunbi Samaj.

The Launch of this web site is for introducing the Bawane Kunbi Samaj, its rich culture, its dignity, its history and above all Its Simplicity.

We will be busy doing efforts for the collecting the information and provide you with information you wanted to know in all occasions and request all the viewers and supporters to give as much as information regarding Our Samaj.

Our Samaj has a historical view, they have their own temples (for Kuldevats), and every kuldevats has its own history and its Location. These all cannot be covered without your help and support and once again we request to send your kuldevats details, its Name & Photo, Route (how to reach), Puja Style, Puja related to do before and After Marriage Haldi-Ceremony, Puja related after the New Baby born in the House.

This Site will cover

Business run by our people (From Top to Bottom) of ever city : User Ad Base

Try to Combine all the Bawane Kunbi Samaj Sangathan on one Platform, Every Sangathan will have its own Page, City wise.

Address Details (search of Address) : User Base

A Matrimonial : User Ad Base

Memories : User Base

Music: The Folks Songs and Lyrics sung during the Marriage. Now only seen in villages.

And Events : User Base

The content displayed in this website is true and correct to the best of our knowledge and is based upon the information gathered from reliable source(s).

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